Aloha mai kakou!  I am a Hawaiian mother, daughter, sister and wahine.  I am a seeker of cultural knowledge as my ancestors before me.  I try to incorporate this knowledge into the products I create.  Kulia i ka nu‘u...strive for the summit.


Kanilehua Enterprises is a collection of Hawaiian style products which include lauhala items: handwoven bracelets,  woven goldfilled and sterling silver bangles, gold and silver lauhala earrings, lauhala headbands, items created with hulu (feathers) such as humupapa (hat bands pictured to the left), lei kamoe along with products such as baby blankets, baby outfits, nursing covers for mothers, bags, and unique hand-quilted Hawaiian blankets and wall hangings.  We are based in Maui, Hawaiʻi, but are available to ship products anywhere in the United States.  


You can keep a piece of Hawai‘i 

with you always!


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Ku‘ulei Kuala‘au